Mahanaim Group Ministries offers a broad range of services for clients of all ages. Services consists are not limited to problems that consists of anger management, anxiety, behavioral symptoms (emotional/physical), depression, domestic violence, and stress management.

Mahanaim Group Ministries’ services are designed to make it convenient. It is aimed to helping individuals, couples and families to achieve their purpose in life. Our goal is to achieve positive life changes, in a non-judgmental and safe environment. We will work with you to reach your desired changes, goals, dreams, desires, improvements, and self-growth.

The services are designed to help improve the means of communication and the life changes and challenges we face. The counseling is confidential, affordable, convenient, and accessible. Because of the day-to-day life that most professionals have it is very difficult to take time off from the busy schedule to go to a counseling appointment without taking time off from work.

If you feel this is what you are looking for, please feel free to fill out the form so we can better assist your needs.

Services Provided Via


The phone sessions are available upon request, and offered after an initial face-to-face consultation.


The face-to-face sessions are available upon request, and offered after an initial phone session consultation.


The online/virtual sessions are available upon request and it is provided from the comfort and privacy of your home and/or office via live chat or video call via Skype.

Online counseling sessions is not available for clients under the 18 years of age.

**Our therapist are not licensed by the State. The plans and packages we have do not supersede those of a licensed professional. We will refer you to another individual or agency if your level of care does not meet your needs.**

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