Gardnersville, Liberia

  • Focuses on the educational needs and welfare of less fortunate children within the Stephen Tolbert Estate and the surrounding areas.
  • Committed to academic excellence as its main goal offering quality to its students.

This organization needs the support in expanding the school for the community. They are also seeking donors that would like to sponsor a child in need. They are finding it difficult to meet all its financial needs. They are not able to meet their administrative and operational cost of running the school and all their instructional materials. As a result, the physical infrastructure development of the campus needs help.

MGM is committed to provide support to their cause. We want to serve in the capacity of the infrastructure development of the school. We want to ensure the safety of the educators and the children. Ultimately, we would like to expand the campus in multiple locations. The expansion and growth will allow the school to become one of the most advance pre-primary schools. Additional classes will be needed, such as computer lab and arts. They will require a clinic and fencing for the security of the kids.