All services marked with an (*) are DDD approved.  For more information please email us at

*Career Planning

A comprehensive employment planning and support service.  This program is focused on engaging the participant in identifying their career goals and direction by developing a plan according to the individual’s skills and interests.

*Community Based Supports (SP Only)

A direct support program that serves participants to develop their independence; daily living.  It is designed to increase productivity, social skills and self-care.  The participant will have an outline tailored to their needs providing inclusion in the community.

*Community Inclusion

An enrichment support program that provides educational and/or recreational activities intended to enhance the participant’s social and developmental skills.  These services are intended to be inclusive in the community.

*Supported Employment – Individual & Small Group Employment Support

A service helping the participant obtain and maintain employment.  The participant is successfully developing their skills and training to enable to integration into the workplace and within the community.

*Support Brokerage

Serving as the agent of the participant or family, to assist in identifying immediate and long-term needs.  Developing options to meet those needs and identify the support and services needed with practical skills and training to enable the participant and families to independently direct and manage program services.

*Individual Support (CCP Only)

Services that provide direct support and assistance for participants in or out of their residence.  It is designed to maintain the outcomes of increased independence, and productivity to help the participant develop the ability of performing various tasks that are included in basic self-care, social skills, and activities of daily living.


Services to participants that are unable to care for themselves in the participant’s residence.  It serves the need for relief of those persons who normally provide care for the participant.